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SubjectRe: Google's answer to the iPad3 has just arrived...
Date11/03/2012 17:18 (11/03/2012 12:18)
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On 11/3/2012 10:27 AM, Gary wrote:

Hi Flint,

The reason people will buy an Ipad over the tablet your hyping is because of the user experience the device has.

Most samsung / google fanboys will always jump on specs as though it proves something. Apple's IOS has and will continue to provide an experience that others dont match. Add to that the build quality of the device and it's an all round superior product and this will reflect in the amount sold each year. Other tablets specs could be so high that they may need a water cooling backpack to be worn when using the tablet but it will still not have the same experience apple deliver in their products and this is why Apple are so successful.

Im glad the other companies are working harder to compete and in turn they are now producing better products than they ever did and thats thanks to Apple's example. Even Microsoft are now altering the way they continue.

If you dont wish to pay the price that Apple charges they dont buy an Ipad but please stop bashing them for being more expensive than something with a lower price tag that is not in their league.

If you read most of the tech reviews of the ipad mini, the price point fades into the background and the experience with the device is front and centre and alot of them are now saying it is the best tablet you can buy.

Im not going to bash any other tablets because their is alot of choice now at different price points.

Things are exciting again.

Apparently you are new here and don't quite know where I'm coming from, but let me say that I actually own/use an iPad(2) myself. I like my iPad2 very much, but I'd prefer a smaller tablet myself.

As for 'bashing' the iPad, I don't bash it - quite the opposite in fact. What I do 'bash' are two things: cultic Apple fanboys/apologists and Apple itself for it's extreme litigious tendencies that stifle competition, and come off more as vulture/crony capitalism.

The quality of their products isn't so much of an issue to me as is with some others in this NG, but the company's ethical standards and its cultic following are.

Having used both Android devices and iOS devices, I've seen strengths and weaknesses of both. Although this Ipad was given to me as a gift, and I like it a lot, personally, I'd rather have something in a smaller size. Until Google came out with the Nexus 7, my choices were simply not there. Now my choice seems to be more between a phablet (ie: Samsung's Galaxy Note-II), or a 7"-8" tablet. I'm leaning towards the phablet, as all tablets lack something I want in one way or another. My iPad2 is rather nice, but I'm leaning more towards something like an Asus Taichi. The 10.6" version just came out, but I'm waiting for the 13.3" x86 compatible (I7 Ivy Bridge) version supposedly coming in December.

The mini-iPad has been said is actually the better of the two size in some respects (and I would concur), but Google's Nexus line has also stepped up quality wise to a point I think most people don't really care about one over the other as far as specs, or even apps go. Android has solid/excellent apps for the primary intended use of most buyers (media consumption/social networking/browsing), so the only real significant remaining metric for user consideration is now *price*, pure and simple. To that end, Google may just have something there with their new Nexus devices. Apple's mini-iPad misses the boat in this regard, as does Microsoft's WindowsRT based Surface.

We're seeing product speciation and more intense competition between the market players, but the market has by no means shaken out yet, and although more mature than even just a year ago, it's still a nascent one.

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