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Nige Danton
So, where do I start? Presumably I'll need some software - whats the recommendation?

I always recommend Photoshop.

Photoshop CS is very expensive ; plus, the learning curve is step. Photoshop elements lacks some essential features (layers, what can you do in PS without layers and scripts ? ).

Very much! On the topic of post-processing, Photoshop Elements is very able. Few post processing techniques require the use of layers. Granted, many layer functions of Photoshop CC are very handy in post-processing, but not necessary.

So if you want to give your money to Adobe, get Lighroom instead.

LR is a full image database and file management application and it's a bit over the top for mere post processing. Plus (as far as I'm aware) LR doesn't support Photoshop plugins (correct me if I'm wrong) but Elements does, so there's a plethora of cheap or free plugins out there you can use for your post processing needs.

Within the past 24 hours or so, you were on your high-horse about the fact that I had posted a reply without first Google-searching your Sony camera. And, here you are, commenting on Elements without doing your due-diligence.

Elements includes Layers, and has for several versions. Missing from Elements is the ability to use a Layer Mask, but Layers is there.

Lightroom accepts PS plug-ins.

Lightroom is no more over-the top for editing than CS or Elements. Some might say it's less complicated, but that's not a definable statement since it depends entirely on to what extent editing will be done on an image.

As powerfull as PS CS is the Gimp ; the learning curve is step or worse. But at last, it is free.

The learning curve for Gimp is no different than the learning curve for CS, Elements, or Lightroom for basic editing. It is a bit more difficult to learn only because there are fewer tutorials, and some of the tutorials are not as well done as the ones for the Adobe products.

Adobe really wants people to use the open DNG format, but few manufacturers do, and Nikon and Canon probably never will.

I don't know what you mean there by "few manufacturers do". Do what?

Adobe's Bridge will automatically convert .NEF files to .dng files during import if you tick the box, but Adobe products process .NEF files.

-- Tony Cooper - Orlando FL

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