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SubjectRe: This Group Is Dead.. A Proposal for 2017.....
Date11/25/2016 18:40 (11/25/2016 10:40)

On 11/24/16, 6:15 PM, in article, "flatfish+++" <>wrote:

This used to be a decent group but I think everyone can agree it's literally on it's last legs ATM. Without getting into the weeds my proposal is for everyone to perform a level set and start fresh in 2017.

So that means no referring back to 2004 where someone might have said something stupid. No posting of past history. No "I was right and you were wrong". No signatures attacking people or showing examples of things that happened prior to 1/1/17.

And for this to work, when down in the trenches and losing a debate, no "remember you said this in the past" type statements. So everything remains current as far as people in this group.

Additionally, kill files get killed. We all start fresh. And we all pledge to not bring up the past.

So for example, if say 7 posts something I take exception with I can debate him on that but bringing up his inventor of the year claims is off the table. We start completely new.

This isn't going to be easy but if everyone participates and should a person violate the rules another person, from either side of the debate, needs to point it out in a civil manner.

Like I've said, I've been gone for a while and frankly I'm amazed at how low this group has sunk. And I freely admit that even recently I have been part of the problem.

So in effect on 1/1/17 we all just met. Nobody knows anybody and we start from square one.

So who is game?

Absolutely. I will even change my .sig and not have it contain any videos from before 2007... and will, if I have time, look at some new distros from them... likely Mint Cinnamon and KDE.

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