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SubjectRe: What do you know? Snit actually saved the day for Moi.
Date05/17/2016 03:10 (05/16/2016 18:10)
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John Gohde
I don't know. I do try to move around by scrolling the wheel on my mouse.

I shall take a look at turning that feature off.

I would suggest it. I know a lot of people like the feature but to me it is like the damned clicking on a track pad. When you want to move you end up clicking accidently.

Anyway, just a thought on a possible cause of the problem... let me know if it turns out that is what is causing it.

What do you know? Snit actually saved the day for Moi.

I was not aware of this mouse pasting feature, which supposedly can be traced back to UNIX. On the face of it, it seems to be a rather insane feature. But, what do I know?

So like it... me, I do not. I do use my middle mouse button for all sorts of other things though - programmed to do what I want in different programs.

You cannot turn the feature off, but Moi came across a terminal script that apparently turned this feature off, more or less. From my testing of this mouse pasting feature, the terminal script appears to have worked.

One thing I like on my system is how I can control these things so heavily.


In addition, I turned the sensitivity of my mouse way down.

Moi' world's view has been shaken to the core by Snit. Thanks for the tip, Bud. ONLY time will tell if this solves my Bracket problem.

Happy to help... at its best THIS is what COLA should be about.

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