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SubjectRe: Goob, why are you running around talking about me behind my back
Date07/16/2012 21:15 (07/16/2012 12:15)

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On 16/07/12 19:45, Steve Carroll wrote:

I remember Snit getting exposed

Now you've just done what I accused Snit of doing... cheap shots.... The first appearance went very nicely I think. As for DFS, he would make every excuse under the sun (just like Flatfish)

Do you seriously think DFS or any other Microsoft advocate here would want their voice on an audiocast where they would have to justify and be held to account for their years of bad behavior here? I wouldn't think so.

Of course if any of them did, I'd be happy for them to be on..... Of course we all know that the excuses and insults will flow because they would do anything not to take responsibility for their actions.

On the show I would be happy to speak of any of my behavior in COLA. Where I have been wrong I would be happy to admit to it... I certainly would not shun taking responsibility for any of my actions. Of course, I am not an MS advocate so perhaps you were not thinking of me.

Heck, while I want Carroll to stop harassing and cyber stalking me, having a public audio show with him where he could not so easily run from his claims and actions (now he just snips and ignores the facts) would be interesting. But Carroll would never agree to such a thing - he only engages me in a forum such as this where when I prove X he just snips it and then claims the exact opposite. Over and over since 2004.

Others have pointed out how he is a cyber stalker - and he is. He fits the definition perfectly.

-- * cc was unable to post a set of data that went back to 2007. * cc is unable to post an Excel Workbook or otherwise back his claims. * cc failed to show any sigma depiction I called wrong that was not. * cc could not list a single step missed in making a linear trend line.