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Tony Cooper
SubjectRe: Calumet files Chapter 7
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Date03/25/2014 15:25 (03/25/2014 10:25)
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On Tue, 25 Mar 2014 09:56:49 -0400, Scott Schuckert <> wrote:

Scott Schuckert
In article <250320140545034829%nospam@nospam.invalid>, nospam <nospam@nospam.invalid>wrote:

competitive doesn't mean below cost.

however, it does mean not charging as much as twice the price as available elsewhere, for the same item.

offer products and services to make customers want to buy from you, otherwise they aren't going to. it's really that simple.

either adapt to the changing landscape of online shopping or be gone. that's harsh but that's just how it is.

Scott Schuckert
You really don't want to be swayed from your agenda, do you?

nospam goes into every discussion thinking that his position is the only right position.

He makes much of the fact that in some retail stores the sales help is either not informative enough or that they push accessories to increase the sale.

What he ignores is that in *all* purchases online, there is no sales help available. Any help the customer gets at a retail store is more than what any online seller offers. If nothing else, the buyer at a retail store gets to handle the camera before purchase.

It's always the buyer's responsibility to do their own homework. There's no reason the in-store buyer can't check the reviews and customer ratings of something before they make the purchase.

I may be a bit prejudiced in favor of the retail store because the two camera stores in Orlando are both staffed by knowledgeable and helpful staff. But, if I go to a big box store and deal with a sales person that doesn't know the difference between a interchangeable lens body and a fixed lens body, that's my fault.

Now, here's a challenge for you: SHOW US a camera (not a lens cap or a battery) that sells for twice at much in a retail store as through a mail order house. Exact same, current model and brand, that is, say, $200 at Cardinal Camera in Lansdale Pa. and $100 at B&H in New York. Or any other comparable vendors.

He won't be able to. That's typical hyperbole from nospam.

In the meantime, stop making out like small resellers are doing anything "wrong" - other than trying to best serve their customers, and the customers want "cheap" over "full service."

-- Tony Cooper - Orlando FL

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