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Date02/01/2015 03:16 (01/31/2015 21:16)
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I *WONDERED* what happened to your browser. I did *NOT* "blame" neither you nor your browser.

You were an asshole without a valid reason.

nope. i always have a valid reason to be an asshole :)

Not this time. Many times you do, when people are being rude to you. But this time I wasn't and you responded by being a complete ass.


once again, this has *nothing* whatsofucking ever to do with my browser or anyone elses browser (nor could it). you are completely ignorant about the issue.

you refuse to acknowledge what the problem is. you don't even *know* what the problem is.

eric saw the same thing happen, confirming that it is not me or my browser, and you *still* won't admit you're wrong.

my assessment was exactly on target, that you're clueless.

not only that, but i told you how to confirm what was happening and you haven't done that either, which i can only conclude because it would show you to be full of shit.

bottom line: you have no clue about the topic, you made bogus assumptions, you were wrong and you refuse to admit it, exactly as i called it.

i'd call that being observant, not being an asshole.

The only data we have suggest that up to 12% of W7 users may be on 32 bit. I don't know how reliable that data is, and no other stats site I found have the W7 versions separated, unfortunately.

nospam: it's completely irrelevant.


it's not relevant no matter how much you argue otherwise.

It is not irrelevant no matter how much you protest.

it's not relevant no matter how much you say it is.

nospam: nothing that matters or adobe wouldn't have done it.

You keep saying that, based on no data what so ever. So more hot air from you.

it's common sense.

I.e. you have no data, only empty claims, like I said.

it's not an empty claim just because you say it is.

prove it wrong or stfu.

nospam: the number of people who run win7 on older 32 bit hardware is very low, particularly adobe users, close enough to zero to be considered zero.

Based on no actual data, of course, just assumption.

nospam: it's not an assumption.

Since you have presented no data, it is an assumption by definition.

Present data and make it more than an assumption.

ask microsoft. this is well known.

I.e. you have no data to support your position, like I said. Only hot air.

it's *well* known in the industry that windows users typically do not upgrade windows on the same computer. instead, they get the upgrade with a new computer when it comes time to replace it.

that means that windows 7 users are nearly always on newer hardware, which means 64 bit, which means they can run lightroom 6.

those are the facts.

adobe knows this, which is why they decided to drop 32 bit support.

they also want to offer features not possible on lesser hardware. there's no reason to hold back a product for the few laggards who are using outdated hardware and wouldn't be buying the product anyway even if it did run on their aging system.

nospam: you did a quickie search and pick the first result, one which is totally irrelevant.

Incorrect. I am an Adobe user and a Steam user. I am not the only one, logically.

you're in a minority.

Another claim from you without data to support it. You're up to what, ten of those claims in this thread alone?

as opposed to you declaring something and then expecting everyone to believe it?

there is one thing where there is *extensive* data: you're full of shit.

i didn't say there's *no* overlap.

"Totally irrelevant" suggests there is no overlap. "Not very relevant" might be a more apt description for your position. You keep making explicit claims you can't back up.

that's nothing more than word games and i backed it up anyway.

i said adobe's customers and steam's customers are worlds apart and that is correct.

do you have proof to the contrary? nope? then stfu.

nowhere did i say it was zero overlap.

the claim is that steam's stats are irrelevant, and they are.

but even if steam's stats were the same as adobe's customers, you're actually confirming that adobe made the correct decision.

adobe is targeting the 88% of the market who *can* run lr6 and that number will be higher by the time lightroom 6 is actually out in the marketplace.

as the saying goes, they're skating to where the puck is *going* to be.

nospam: that's how you end up at shitty restaurants. you find a link that says some restaurant is good, oblivious to it being a shill review and not surprisingly, it turns out to be not great.

your research skills suck.

And yours is non-existant. You have yet to find a good restaurant or better data on W7 64 bit usage.

i have *zero* problems finding excellent restaurants.

You have thus far been 100% unable to do so in that area.

how the fuck would you know what types of restaurants i find? answer: you don't.

you're so full of shit.

i'll say it again, it's not hard to find good restaurants, whether it's nearby or on a trip. it just takes a little research, research which you refuse to do.

here's a hint: you don't just put in 'good restaurants' into a search engine and hope to get useful results.

Yes, you have been 100% unsuccessful to outline a research method that would find good restaurants in that area. I know.

i don't need to outline anything.

research skills are something that most people learn in school. apparently, you failed that part.

it's also a skill that isn't going to be explained in a single usenet post and a skill which improves the more someone does it.

do you really think by typing in "good restaurants in florida" into a search engine you're going to get a list of the best restaurants in florida?? if only it were that simple.

you can't be that stupid.

researching restaurants (or anything for that matter) takes more than a cursory search.

nospam: steam customers and adobe customers are *worlds* different. there is likely to be very little overlap in the two.

More hot air and no data from you.

prove that steam customer usage is identical to adobe.

I would, if I had claimed they were. As it is, I haven't.

you cited it as evidence, despite it being completely irrelevant.

oh right, there is no such proof.

Just as there is no proof that they are "*worlds* different", which is more hot air from you.

nothing hot air about it.

nospam: adobe knows *exactly* what their customer base is far better than you or anyone else does and they would not drop 32 bit support if it made a difference. it doesn't.

it's a complete non-issue.

A claim from you based on exactly no data.

it's common sense.

Again, no data. What you call "common sense" is irrelevant to the explicit claim that requires data to support it.

if i said the sky is blue, you'd want data to support it, despite everyone knowing the sky is blue.

why the hell would adobe shoot themselves in the foot? the may not be perfect, but they're not that stupid.

No one has claimed they would shoot themselves in the foot.

then their decision to drop 32 bit support is a complete non-issue, as i said long ago.

you, however, is a different story.

Yes, I work with facts, support and substantiation for my claims, and I don't make explicit claims I can't support. That's your department.

you work with facts you make up as you go along and you consistently make claims you can't support.

you're full of shit.

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