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    what [I] actually think is this isn't a big problem on phones, since the nexus devices are available if being on the latest version of android is a big deal to you

    Ed says that it's not a problem that most people can't update their relatively new Android phones to the latest version of Android since they can always buy a new phone that has it installed to begin with. Haha!
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    rolling out, so it looks like you'll be getting it.

    Ed claims that the Android 4.0 update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is "rolling out" in Europe
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    at least you're right on this one. :D this *is* one game i enjoy- it *seriously* amuses me how you have such a difficult time admitting it when you're wrong.

    Ed expects Alan to admit that he was wrong about grid points being cell tower positions, yet Ed himself made a claim about them being wifi spots, which incidentally also were incorrect, yet he doesn't have to admit to being wrong. The Ed game!
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    sorry, i don't feel i performed a personal attack

    Ed calls KDT's statement "retarded" and argues that it's not a personal attack