• Snit


    By the way, did you know you cannot even block comments with YouTube? There used to be a Firefox extension but it no longer works. YouTube has actively disabled all extensions which tried to do that.
  • Snit


    And with that, I will let you [..] while I focus, mostly, on tech.

    Oh pretty please, why don't you? But why only "mostly"?
  • Snit


    GreyCloud would see much the same: both of you have been posting mostly about me (or your fantasies of me) or just with insults about me for likely 90% of your posts or more. I would say even 50% would be sign of obsession.
  • Snit


    > We know you're not interested in reasoned debate.

    Sure I am. Let us discuss

    And when I respond to all the points in his post, he ignores that response altogether. So much for wanting to discuss!
  • Snit


    Years later you are going on and on... I noted your CSS did not validate (oh no!) and you dishonesty denied it.

    Snit drags up a lie of his from *eleven years* ago
  • Snit


    > So in effect on 1/1/17 we all just met.
    > Nobody knows anybody and we start from square one.
    > So who is game?


    Snit agrees that on january 1st 2017, all old grudges are off and he'll treat everyone like he just met them.
  • Snit


    I let Owl know I only had one instance of terminal running (you can have two but it is not the norm... so uncommon Sandman said it was not even possible).

    Which I never said, of course
  • Snit


    Happy to help... at its best THIS is what COLA should be about.
  • Snit


    I use a Usenet provider that does not post my IP, but I do not use any such anonymizer service for Usenet.

    A proven lie since it has been shown that he has used TOR to post to usenet.
  • Snit


    The comment is not from anyone in my family...

    Snit claims that a comment from a FB profile named Anne Glasser that has his brother and sister marked as relatives are not from his wife, but "probably" from Steve Carroll
  • Snit


    Returning context you either accidently or purposely remove is not a lie, no matter how much you guys try to twist it.

    Snit lies about returning context when he in fact forged the context by inserting text in his followup that wasn't present in the original post
  • Snit


    I respond because it amused me

    Snit says the reason for his long trolling threads is for his own amusement
  • Snit


    he only engages me in a forum such as this where when I prove X he just snips it and then claims the exact opposite. Over and over since 2004.

    He must be talking about himself in third person :)
  • Snit


    The answer: you cannot tie apps to a specific space. The concept of spaces / virtual desktops has been redefined.

    Snit makes an explicit claim about how something works, which turns out to be false. As usual.
  • Snit


    I do not make unsupported accusations.

  • Snit


    Also true of Porsche and Rolodex. :)

    Snit responds to someone saying that Macs are expensive, so he says that that is also true for Porsche and *Rolodex*, not Rolex, but Rolodex, the desktop contact manager appliance :)
  • Snit


    For whatever reason, his CSS not validating set him off. Really wounded his ego to have it pointed out in public that he had - gasp! - invalid CSS

    Snit brakes his "promise" to not bring up the CSS issue yet again
  • Snit


    Soon my semester starts again and I will not be responding to Steve Carroll, Sandman, HPT, Wally, or Tim Adams

    Oh, glorious! When is soon?
  • Snit


    do not just keep repeating yourself.

    Coming from the cut'n'paste master himself :)
  • Snit


    Sandman insists that the CS4 suite is for beginners.

    Snit lies about what I've said, again.
  • Snit


    I have no obligation to quote your trolling.

    As we would have no obligation to quote his trolling.
  • Snit


    Seriously: I would love to see the back and forth BS just stop.

    So why do he keep posting new threads about it?
  • Snit


    Can we both agree to just let the CSS issue *go* and to not lash out based on it?

    Snit needs the other party to agree to let an issue go, he can not do it by himself.
  • Snit


    starting now I shall not mention it again unless you do.

    Snit claims to never mention his CSS lies unless I mention them first, which I've never done in the past. These issues have always been brought up by Snit
  • Snit


    You are what you eat!

    Snits claims to eat poultry feces, eew..
  • Snit


    I've been booted off by past providers before because people complain about me and all my bullshit. I don't want to lose my ISP *again* but I still need my army of sock puppets so I continually search usenet for whatever servers I haven't yet been booted from.
  • Snit


    I did post as sigmond and create that sex webpage starring elizabot... what of it?

    We know
  • Snit


    In 2004 as a reply to Mackay's lies about an email he claimed to get from me I noted the company the *IP* address of his post came from and noted that it might make sense to alert that company

    Snit says that the intentions to drag up the company info of a poster was to expose a potential imposter or at least improper conduct.
  • Snit


    If I did make such a post I will apologize.

    Of course he made such a post (as Mackay showed in his followup), and of course he didn't apologize.
  • Snit


    Once someone clarifies their views it should be accepted

  • Snit


    Do your best to show where I have been shown to be wrong and have not admitted to it.

    So why do he deny it every time?
  • Snit


    When I make mistakes I am happy to admit to them

  • Snit


    I just want the BS to stop. Please. Sandman, will you join me in that?

    Yet he will not agree upon it when I stated that I wanted to join him in that.
  • Snit


    You snipped my sentences to pieces and then pretended the second part of a
    sentence did not exist as you responded to the first.

    Snit whines about being treated the way he treats others.
  • Snit


    I have *never* said one is obligated to respond to every point in a post or every question.

    Yet he whines when people snip away parts of his post and claims they are "snipping and running".
  • Snit


    What is 2+2?
    What is 1+3?
    What is 4-2?
    What is 3-1?

    And for someone to answer: all the answers are 2.

    Snit shows his math skills.
  • Snit


    Prove nobody has said that, Sandman... either in CSMA or in my email.

    Snit implies that people have killfiled him and then emailed him and told him that they killfiled him because he was "challenging the trolls" instead of him being a troll. Funny stuff
  • Snit


    This, really, is the reason I come to CSMA...

    Snit helps someone with a issue with spotlight and then states that doing such things is the reason he comes to CSMA, yet he spends 99% of his time in the group doing something other than the reason he comes there for. Strange.
  • Snit


    You should take one of my IT classes some day.

    Why don't he take them himself? :)
  • Snit


    None of you can be honest... you are all pathetic.

    What does that make him?
  • Snit


    You do not think it is excessive that Sandman comments about me on over 100
    pages on his site!

    Coming from the guy that comments Sandman 1050 times on the same website. Ironic.
  • Snit


    How do you know how good or bad of a teacher Snit is? Are you a student of his who got a bad grade? If so that would explain a lot about you.

    Snit posts using his Brock McNuggets email address but his Snit name, using a TOR proxy
  • Snit


    You found two of my websites... one of which I often post links to.
    How about my pro ones you keep running to?

    Snit claims to have "pro websites" that no one in csma has seen, but Sandman is "running to". So Snit claims Sandman is aware of these pro websites but Snit can't give us the URL to any of them.
  • Snit


    please support your claims of who does and does not have any network of people calling whoever names...

    Snit asks me nicely to create the Relational Troll Scoring system, and I obliged
  • Snit


    your CSS does not validate correctly

    Snit lies about my CSS code not validating
  • Snit


    Tim Adams posted the same desperate list of lies he posted yesterday.
    Apparently he has found the cut and paste feature of his computer. Way to
    go Tim!

    Ironic considering the sheer amount of pasting in old issues Snit has been doing over the years
  • Snit


    I do not see any *logical* reason to disallow incest
  • Snit


    I admit I have posted under the name Sigmond.
  • Snit


    I am still waiting for the criteria.
  • Snit


    Would you be so kind to provide a link that the post where you did so?

    Snit asks again to be given an objective criteria
  • Snit


    What is your objective criteria for calling someone a troll?

    Snit asks me to tell him the objective criteria to call someone a troll
  • Snit


    Thanks. That much more impressive in my eyes...

    Snit says that it's much more impressive to use a text editor (BBEdit in my case) to make web pages than using a WYSIWYG editor like DreamWeaver
  • Snit


    Hmmmmm.... I wonder who would get the e-mail if I sent it to mailto:

    hey.... I could try or

    Snit contemplates contacting the workplace of a csma poster, and expressing doubts that the receiver would be the same person as the csma poster. Hmm, sound familliar?
  • Snit


    I have no idea who Sigmond is. Maybe someone who snuck into my house.

  • Snit


    Not only do I lie about what others are claiming, I show evidence from the records.

    Well, what can you say...