• Eric Stevens


    Make up your mind. You are the one who wrote "Supplying power != Power supply."

    Eric snips creatively to chop up my sentence and only responds to one part of it, here's me showing it to him: usenet.sandman.net...
  • Eric Stevens


    That nospam claims this is evident from his writings.

    Eric says that what nospam writes is evident that he is claiming that his former workflow was inefficient. He was 100% unable to support this based on anything nospam had written, referring to "read the thread" and such.
  • Eric Stevens


    All the succesful ones have engineering skills which help them get the best out of their cars.

    Eric is explicitly stating that *all* successful race car drivers have engineering skills. No exceptions.
  • Eric Stevens


    The problem in this case is that neither of you properly understand the meaning of 'protocol'.

    Eric jumps in to a thread making an explicit statement about another person's understanding of a word and has been 100% unable to provide support for this claim