• Snit


    By the way, did you know you cannot even block comments with YouTube? There used to be a Firefox extension but it no longer works. YouTube has actively disabled all extensions which tried to do that.
  • nospam


    at iso 3276800, there simply aren't enough photons hitting the sensor
    to produce a quality image, even with an ideal sensor and ideal amp.

    nospam thinks a specific ISO setting denotes how many photons hit the sensor.
  • Floyd L. Davidson


    Usenet is an ascii text medium

    2006: "the default character set is changed from US-ASCII to UTF-8"
  • Tony Cooper


    No, you support a claim by making a sensible claim in the first place.

    WTF? How dumb is he?
  • Tony Cooper


    A requirement is what you want to do.
  • Steve de Mena


    And it's universally praised here in this group, where probably no one besides myself actually has the money to buy or need one.

    Steve thinks he's the only one that can afford the new Mac Pro. haha!
  • Nashton


    Your beloved Chinese multinational can't even handle cloud services with its minuscule market share.

    Apple is a "Chinese multinational", huh?
  • Michael Patelmo


    It takes a big, heavy,boat like Dodge Charger an hour and a half to get from Oslo to Uppsala.

    But it only takes a Honda Accord 90 minutes.

    Wow - only 90 minutes! That Honda sure is faster! Hahahaha!
  • Michael Patelmo


    An asset doesn't depreciate the moment you buy it, Brain, it appreciates.
  • Nashton


    A car isn't an asset. It's liability, no matter what you buy.

    Nashton thinks a car is a liability, not an asset.
  • Michael Patelmo


    Curb weight:

    Dodge Charger 5350
    Honda Accord 3206

    A ton bigger!
  • Michael Patelmo


    Laguna Seca is a glorified Go Kart course
  • AD


    installed xp sp2 on hd160hc and guess what? [...] with xp you get a user friendly os [..]

    Uh, come again?
  • Nashton


    So much for Macs in business.


    Doesn't he use Macs in his business?
  • Nashton


    You are a fanboi, therefore you are biased, therefore whatever you post that puts Apple is a positive light should be scrutinized.

    You have no proof. If you do, post it or accept that what you wrote is nothing but biased propaganda and probably a lie.

    Nashton comments about an anecdotal story and claims it probably is a lie because Alan didn't provide proof that it actually happened as it was told to him. Hilarious :)
  • Nashton


    No pics/proof = lies from a fanboi.

  • Laszlo Lebrun


    a Dell or Fujitsu blade cabinet of half that size fitted with professional server blades would deliver twice the performance for 1/3 of the price.

    Michel claims that half a cabinet with server blades is twice the performance and one third the price of a cabinet of Mac minis. Yeah, he is that stupid.
  • Nashton


    It renders it useless. It's a paid advertisement at worst and the ramblings of a fanboi, much like yourself, at best.

    Nashton claims that an article that makes the statement that a product would be good for "nearly all Mac users" is useless since the author of the article isn't aware of individual Mac users needs. Yes, he said that.
  • MuahMan


    I'm 6', 180, and could kick Europe's ass single handedly.

    You're 182cm tall and weighs 81kg? My god you're tiny.
  • Snit


    Also true of Porsche and Rolodex. :)

    Snit responds to someone saying that Macs are expensive, so he says that that is also true for Porsche and *Rolodex*, not Rolex, but Rolodex, the desktop contact manager appliance :)
  • Edwin


    > So -- by your own definition -- Windows PCs have been "mere peripherals
    > of an MS Exchange Server" for many years now...

    Sure, why not?

    Edwin claims that PCs are peripherals. Hehe.
  • Edwin


    Activations have not increased over the initial 146,000.

    Edwin claims that in an entire month, no more iPhone has been activated. Not even one.
  • Edwin


    > [Apples] stock is already back up.

    But iPhone activations are not.

    Edwin claims that in one month, AT&T hasn't activated a single phone since there hasn't been any announcement since their quarterly report.
  • Snit


    What is 2+2?
    What is 1+3?
    What is 4-2?
    What is 3-1?

    And for someone to answer: all the answers are 2.

    Snit shows his math skills.
  • Snit


    Prove nobody has said that, Sandman... either in CSMA or in my email.

    Snit implies that people have killfiled him and then emailed him and told him that they killfiled him because he was "challenging the trolls" instead of him being a troll. Funny stuff
  • Edwin


    "...for a total of 119.5 million portable MP3 players. Apple's market share of devices sold in 2005 is not 78%, it is 18.8%. "

    Edwin quotes a source that claims that iPods market share is 20%, not 80%, since there are lots of mobile phone that also plays mp3's. By that logic, Windows is not the dominant operating system since there are billions of operating systems in cell phones, vcr's, pvr's, game consoles and so on that's not Windows.
  • Nashton


    12 PC formatted iPods were bought at Wallmart. 5 of the 15 were Mac formatted, 10 were PC formatted.

    Nashton is trying to be sarcastic about math and can't decide whether he wants to talk about 12 or 15 iPods. Classic
  • Edwin


    All that video shows is the progress bar resuming. It only reports what's been flushed from the disk cache.

    Hehe, whatever that means... :)
  • Edwin


    The fact a hard drive needs 30 seconds to spin up is a physical limitation of the HD

    Indeed, Edwin. Indeed