• Snit


    And with that, I will let you [..] while I focus, mostly, on tech.

    Oh pretty please, why don't you? But why only "mostly"?
  • Snit


    > So in effect on 1/1/17 we all just met.
    > Nobody knows anybody and we start from square one.
    > So who is game?


    Snit agrees that on january 1st 2017, all old grudges are off and he'll treat everyone like he just met them.
  • MuahMan


    2:29:57 PM GMT-5 on 7/10/17 Set the Alarm on your Apple Watch (2015 Casio Calculator Watch).

    Muahman predicts when the iPad will be discontinued
  • Lewis


    I guarantee that Photos in 10.10 will have smart folders.
  • Nashton


    if the iPhone had a better camera and if the screen was a little bigger, close to the Nokia 1020, for example, I would buy it

    We'll see, we'll see
  • Flint


    A compromised effort to salvage TB that is too little too late.

    Flint thinks it's too late to save Thunderbolt
  • Nashton


    In a few years, they won't even be making Macs, if Apple is still around.
  • Nashton


    They'll ;probably sell 500 of therm and then EOL them.

    Nashton claims Apple will sell no more than 500 of the new 2013 Mac Pro
  • Flint



    The downhill slide continues...

    Oh, another non-prediction from Flint :)
  • Nashton


    I don't own nor will I ever buy another Mac.

    Ok, so he doesn't own a Mac now, nor will he ever buy another Mac. Gotcha.
  • Nashton


    Apple will become a minority player in the near future as far as tablets are concerned.
  • Flint


    [Apples] growth/dominance of tablet space will slow/shrink thanks to upcoming 7" tablets from Amazon and Asus/Google.

    Oh, another prediction!
  • Nashton


    Whomever thinks [a tablet running Windows 8] cannot eat into Apple's market share needs their head examined.

    Ah, another prediction from Nashton!
  • Nashton


    My next phone: A BlackBerry.

    We'll see. We'll see.
  • Nashton


    The iPad will go the way of the Mac, with a minuscule market share

    Could we get some form of timeframe for this?
  • Nashton


    Wait until the [Kindle] Fire becomes available worldwide. In today's economy, hype notwithstanding, $200 for a device to surf the web and keep ones mind occupied with silly games, is all most people will pay for.

    Oh, we're down to $200 now from $300 from just a month ago :)
  • Flint


    Expect that market segment of keyboard dockable tablets to grow in size even more once Win 8(ARM) hits, silly.

    Yes, let's expect that, shall we? :)
  • Nashton


    Even RIM scored big with its heavy discounts on Playbooks. Anything more than $300 is a rip off for a mass produced device such as the iPad. Like all fads it will become a niche player if history repeats itself and it usually does.

    Nashton predicts the demise of yet another Apple product
  • Tommy Troll


    Hard to tell, maybe 1-2 product life cycles, 2-3 years?

    Tom predicts that Apple will reach the climax of their products in 2-3 years and it will decline after that.
  • Nashton


    Can this be a harbinger of great things to comes, in terms of sales and general market success? You bet.

    Nashton claims that the US government approving the playbook for use means that it (the Playbook) will have great sales and general market success
  • Nashton


    I trust RIM a lot more than Apple to not EOL a product without notice.

    Without notice, huh?
  • Muahman


    Tablets are a fad and will fade to nothing within a couple of years
  • Edwin


    Yes they will. Amazon doesn't put just anything on pre-order, only the stuff they know will fly off their shelves.

    Edwin claims that the Asus Slate, with 3hours battery life, will "fly off the shelfs"
  • Edwin


    Taken as the killer of the netbook and the Kindle, as a revolutionary new computing device, [the iPad] is a complete dud, an overpriced, over-hyped POS that can't multitask or play Flash.

    Saved for later :)
  • Edwin


    > It won't kill the Mini. Apple might, but the Eee Box won't.

    Sure it will.

    Edwin, again, explicitly claims that a PC product will kill an Apple product.
  • Edwin


    Let's see Apple sell a million iPhones next quarter...

    Yeah. let's see...
  • Edwin


    Seeing how Zune has 11%, and rising, of the market

    Edwin claims that Zune has 11% of the market, which incidentally is the hard drive based market, not including flash players.... Or mp3-playing cell phones.
  • Edwin


    this will take iPod sales away.

    Edwin thinks people will buy Halo 3-themed Zunes instead of iPods.
  • Edwin


    They know once the MS bulldog sinks its teeth in it never lets go.
    It's only a matter of time before Zune kills the iPod.

    Edwin predicts that the Zune will kill the iPod
  • Edwin


    Mark my words, history will record that if Apple had co-operated with Real, and with other hardware makers, they would have sold less iPods, but kept their dominance of the portable music online sales. Now Apple is on its way to becoming just as small a niche player in portable music as it is in GUI computers.

    Right, how is that working out?