• Snit


    I let Owl know I only had one instance of terminal running (you can have two but it is not the norm... so uncommon Sandman said it was not even possible).

    Which I never said, of course
  • Snit


    I use a Usenet provider that does not post my IP, but I do not use any such anonymizer service for Usenet.

    A proven lie since it has been shown that he has used TOR to post to usenet.
  • Snit


    The comment is not from anyone in my family...

    Snit claims that a comment from a FB profile named Anne Glasser that has his brother and sister marked as relatives are not from his wife, but "probably" from Steve Carroll
  • Snit


    Returning context you either accidently or purposely remove is not a lie, no matter how much you guys try to twist it.

    Snit lies about returning context when he in fact forged the context by inserting text in his followup that wasn't present in the original post
  • Nashton


    Wife updated her iPhone 4 to iOS 7.

    Ok, so now she has an iPhone 4
  • Flint


    Boy this is quite a switch from the fanboys who used to claim Apple INVENTED USB

    Flint claims that people (as in plural) actually claimed that Apple invented USB. He won't support that claim of course, since it was an outright lie
  • Snit


    Sandman insists that the CS4 suite is for beginners.

    Snit lies about what I've said, again.
  • Snit


    your CSS does not validate correctly

    Snit lies about my CSS code not validating