• Snit


    By the way, did you know you cannot even block comments with YouTube? There used to be a Firefox extension but it no longer works. YouTube has actively disabled all extensions which tried to do that.
  • Michael Patelmo


    Curb weight:

    Dodge Charger 5350
    Honda Accord 3206

    A ton bigger!
  • Flint


    An email address link? Teeheeheheee! :)

    Flint actually thinks a Usenet Message-ID is an email address! Hilarious!!
  • Nashton


    In Canada, with taxes and the luxury/gas guzzler tax, I paid 75,000 grand for it.

    Nashton math again. He actually paid 75 million dollars for the car!!
  • Chance Furlong


    *Plonk* to you and Nick, Alan.

    Chance the idiot claims to killfile Alan.
  • MuahMan


    I'm 6', 180, and could kick Europe's ass single handedly.

    You're 182cm tall and weighs 81kg? My god you're tiny.
  • Snit


    What is 2+2?
    What is 1+3?
    What is 4-2?
    What is 3-1?

    And for someone to answer: all the answers are 2.

    Snit shows his math skills.
  • Snit


    Prove nobody has said that, Sandman... either in CSMA or in my email.

    Snit implies that people have killfiled him and then emailed him and told him that they killfiled him because he was "challenging the trolls" instead of him being a troll. Funny stuff
  • Edwin


    "...for a total of 119.5 million portable MP3 players. Apple's market share of devices sold in 2005 is not 78%, it is 18.8%. "

    Edwin quotes a source that claims that iPods market share is 20%, not 80%, since there are lots of mobile phone that also plays mp3's. By that logic, Windows is not the dominant operating system since there are billions of operating systems in cell phones, vcr's, pvr's, game consoles and so on that's not Windows.
  • Edwin


    When the smoke clears, the last Troll standing is... The Mighty EdWIN.

    Edwin celebrates "winning" over another troll
  • Edwin


    You gave what you assumed contained what the poster wanted. You had no idea if any 0S 9 software was really on that site or not.

    Edwins claims that Alan Baker did not know that www.versiontracker.com contains links to OS9 software when Alan offered that link to the question where someone can find OS9 software.
  • Edwin


    I use Avast AV, the Yahoo anti-spy toolbar, the MS anti-spy software, Windows SP2 with its firewall, AdAware, Spybot Search and Destroy, and SpywareBlaster. All free, all excellent, none of them any bother to set up or use.

    Edwin, advocating Windows.... ahem.
  • Mayor of R


    Generally I turn it down until it isn't making any noise. This is good for most times. If I'm doing some rendering in Bryce or trueSpace I turn it all the way up.

    Mayor talks about the knob on the front of his PC that he has to manually use to adjust the fan speed. And he seems to think it's a good idea.