• Laszlo Lebrun


    I mean why can't you get it yourself?
  • ed


    sorry, i don't feel i performed a personal attack

    Ed calls KDT's statement "retarded" and argues that it's not a personal attack
  • Snit


    do not just keep repeating yourself.

    Coming from the cut'n'paste master himself :)
  • Snit


    I have no obligation to quote your trolling.

    As we would have no obligation to quote his trolling.
  • Mayor of R


    This is like demanding proof that the sky is blue.

    Just say this when asked for references for a claim you made, works all the time!
  • Snit


    In 2004 as a reply to Mackay's lies about an email he claimed to get from me I noted the company the *IP* address of his post came from and noted that it might make sense to alert that company

    Snit says that the intentions to drag up the company info of a poster was to expose a potential imposter or at least improper conduct.
  • Edwin


    He said them indirectly.

    Edwin attributes a quote (using quote marks) to Tim which Tim has never written, but thinks it ok by claiming that he said it "indirectly".
  • Edwin


    IOW, it is Intel technology. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Edwin is on record for saying that since Intel bought something from someone, the technology is theirs, and thereby admitting that things Apple has acquired is thus Apple technology (such as the NeXT parts of OSX).
  • Snit


    Once someone clarifies their views it should be accepted

  • Snit


    When I make mistakes I am happy to admit to them

  • Snit


    This, really, is the reason I come to CSMA...

    Snit helps someone with a issue with spotlight and then states that doing such things is the reason he comes to CSMA, yet he spends 99% of his time in the group doing something other than the reason he comes there for. Strange.
  • Nashton


    12 PC formatted iPods were bought at Wallmart. 5 of the 15 were Mac formatted, 10 were PC formatted.

    Nashton is trying to be sarcastic about math and can't decide whether he wants to talk about 12 or 15 iPods. Classic