• Nashton


    My Nokia Lumia 920 takes the best low-light pics and already sports the best sensor-lens combo on a smartphone.

    Speaking of which, since I am off tomorrow (I only work 3 days a week), I will be going car shopping. I wonder what hab thinks of this one:


    This time, cash all the way.

    Nashton continues to try to brag about his possessions and... things he doesn't actually possess.
  • Nashton


    would you like to wager that I own more photographic gear than you can shake a stick at?

    He just can't stop trying to brag about his posessions! :)
  • Nashton


    I own a 1Ds Mark II with many L lenses and Leica-R lenses

    And Nashton keeps jumping into threads to brag about his posessions
  • Nashton


    I've got the biggest snow blower money can buy. As you can see, I need it. It's attached to a honda 4-wheeler.

    Nashton keeps talking about his possessions
  • Nashton


    Excuse me if I live on a 4 acre lot.

    Nashton keeps trying to brag about his possessions :-D
  • Nashton


    Posting from a 17 inch Macbook Pro. At home, I have a Cube (fileserver), 3 15 inch iMacs and an i7 iMac. I own 2 iPhones, one 3GS another 4G. Until recently I had a great Xserve G3 chugging along for years. Still use my Pismo on occasion.

    Ironically, Nashton spends an awful lot of time in csma complaining about people that talk about what they own or have, accusing them of bragging.